The Living Past is a holistic and comprehensive programme comprising a continuum of strategies and tools for the teaching and
learning of the History of Ancient India, China and Southeast Asia. It supports the achievement of the learning outcomes identified
in the latest lower secondary History syllabus.
Designed to meet the varying needs of teachers and students, The Living Past focuses on promoting active and higher-order learning
for students, as well as dynamic teaching for teachers.
History of Ancient India, China and Southeast Asia
The Living Past
Core Curriculum
The Living Past Textbook
The Textbook adopts a multi-pronged approach towards the cultivation of an appreciation for all things
historical in students. Information are presented in different ways to help develop a deeper understanding
of History. Overarching ideas that cut across the various themes provide a comprehensive understanding
of the interconnectedness of the three ancient civilisations.
Learning outcomes set clear and focused objectives for each topic to prepare students for the concepts
to be covered in each unit.
Arresting photographs can be used as a stimulus for classroom discussion to make learning fun and
Useful recap questions at the end of every section serve as an excellent revision tool to ensure that
students understand the concepts learnt.
Textbook (Second Edition)
Textbook • Workbook • Teacher’s Guide • Workbook – Teacher’s Edition • Teacher-assist Pack
The package comprises: