• Errata - My Pals Are Here! Workbook 3B (3rd Edition)
    ISBN: 9789810197292
    11 Aug 2015

  • Parent Workshop: Using Heuristics to Solve Challenging Problems (Model Drawing)
    29 Mar 2016
    The model method is a powerful problem-solving tool introduced at primary level to help pupils visualise Mathematics and solve challenging word problems. Join us to learn how this heuristic method is used to solve word problems involving whole numbers, fractions, percentage and ratio.

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  • Errata - Additional Mathematics 360 Textbook
    ISBN: 9789810117481
    Reprinted in 2014 - 15
    3 July 2015

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  • Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
    14 – 18 October 2015
    Messegelande, Germany
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  • Beijing International Book Fair
    26-30 August 2015
    China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), No. 88, Yuxiang Street, Tian Zhu Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing, China 
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  • Bangkok Chinese Teachers Seminar
    22 August 2015
    C-Asean Auditorium, 10th Floor Cyberworld Tower, Bangkok, Thailand
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  • English PSLE Revision Guide
  • Marshall Cavendish English Grammar Handbook Primary 5 & 6
  • Synthesis & Transformation Primary 3
  • Mathematics PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
  • Problem Solving Beyond The Classroom Primary 1
  • Teaching to Mastery Mathematics: Teaching of Fractions
  • Science PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - 'O' Level Physics (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - Lower Secondary Science Book A (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - Lower Secondary Science Structured Questions Volume A

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