• Errata - My Pals Are Here! Workbook 3B (3rd Edition)
    ISBN: 9789810197292
    11 Aug 2015

  • Parent Workshop: Using Heuristics to Solve Challenging Problems
    29 Aug 2015 & 29 Mar 2016
    Join us in this 2-part workshop to uncover our problem-solving curriculum and explore common tools used to solve word problems involving whole numbers, fractions, percentage and ratio.

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  • Errata - Additional Mathematics 360 Textbook
    ISBN: 9789810117481
    Reprinted in 2014 - 15
    3 July 2015

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  • Beijing International Book Fair
    26-30 August 2015
    China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), No. 88, Yuxiang Street, Tian Zhu Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing, China 
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  • Bangkok Chinese Teachers Seminar
    22 August 2015
    C-Asean Auditorium, 10th Floor Cyberworld Tower, Bangkok, Thailand
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  • ACAMIS Conference 2015
    1-3 July 2015
    ACAMIS Chinese Conference 2015, Chengdu International School, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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  • English PSLE Revision Guide
  • Marshall Cavendish English Grammar Handbook Primary 5 & 6
  • Synthesis & Transformation Primary 3
  • Mathematics PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
  • Problem Solving Beyond The Classroom Primary 1
  • Teaching to Mastery Mathematics: Teaching of Fractions
  • Science PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - 'O' Level Physics (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - Lower Secondary Science Book A (2nd Edition)
  • Perfect Guide - Lower Secondary Science Structured Questions Volume A

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