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Series: My Pals are Here! Maths (2nd Edition)
Series Detail:
This series comprises:
Core CurriculumTextbook,   Workbook
Teacher's ResourcesTeacher's Guide,   Interactive Posters
Supporting MaterialsEnrichment,   Homework,   Tests

Core Curriculum

My Pals are Here! Maths Pupil's Book 1A (2nd Edition)
Product Description:
Filled with activities that build on mathematical concepts, skills and strategies for learning, these books encourage the collaborative learning of Mathematics in groups and provide a variety of hands-on activities and games to consolidate the concepts learnt. They contain: • Let’s Explore! investigative activities for pupils to discuss alternative solutions to open-ended questions. • Play this game! and Carry out this activity to reinforce skills, concepts and problem-solving strategies through co-operative learning. • Maths Journal to offers opportunities for self-reflection. • Put On Your Thinking Caps! to nurture critical-thinking skills and challenge pupils to solve non-routine and higher-order thinking questions. Suggestions for meaningful parental involvement in activities outside the classroom are also available via Home Math.
My Pals are Here! Maths Workbook 1A Part 1 (2nd Edition)
Product Description:
An ideal complement to the Pupil’s Books, these books introduce engaging activities and practices that reinforce the skills and concepts taught as well as consolidate classroom learning. They contain: • Challenging Practice and Problem-Solving sections for pupils to apply different heuristics to solve higher order and non-routine problems. • Review sections to consolidate concepts after every two or three chapters and Revision sections to integrate learning and provide complete consolidation.

Supporting Materials

My Pals are Here! Maths Enrichment Book 1A (2nd Edition)
Product Description:
High achievers who finish the Workbook ahead of time will appreciate these enrichment books, which are packed with challenging activities that increase in complexity.
My Pals are Here! Maths Homework 1A (2nd Edition)
Product Description:
Designed to help teachers reinforce classroom learning, this useful series is an excellent review aid for pupils. It contains: • Challenging questions at the end of each chapter to develops creative thinking and problem-solving skills. • Revision tests to prepare pupils for end-of-term tests.
My Pals are Here! Maths Tests 1 (2E)
Product Description:
These books not only provide test practice for pupils, they also help to further develop their problem-solving skills. Pupils gain greater confidence in approaching their school assessments and examination as the books provide plenty of practice and exposure to the types of questions they will face in their examination. After every two tests, challenging questions are provided to develop creative-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Teacher's Resources

Interactive Posters
Mathematics Interactive Poster 1
Product Description:
Engage your class by using these attractive posters as an introduction or revision of mathematical concepts. They contain: • Manipulatives or extra resources to facilitate interactive learning. • Guidebook for teachers and accompanying worksheets to further consolidate pupils’ learning.
Teacher's Guide
My Pals are Here! Maths (2nd Edition) Teacher's Guide 1A
Product Description:
These effective guides provide lesson suggestions and materials that allow customised teaching to suit varying needs of pupils. They contain: • Scheme of Work which details the lesson plans for the year, and Lesson Plans to give specific teaching guidelines. • Editable versions of Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans in CD-ROM format. • Blackline Masters to aid in lesson preparation. • Lesson Objectives and Key Concepts which are listed at the start of each topic. • Optional and additional activities to enhance hands-on learning. • Step-by-step lesson plans and teaching pedagogies which one embedded within the content to allow teachers to learn as they teach. • Heuristic-based questions in Primary 5 and 6 to provide supplementary higher-order and non-routine questions for class activities.

Early Childhood